The quick answer is anyone!

There are many situations which can lead to a person experiencing birth trauma, which are explored in detail on the page Common causes of birth trauma. However, some people are more predisposed to experiencing trauma.

Individuals are more at risk of developing trauma symptoms if they have a pre-existing mental health condition, such as anxiety or depression. They may have a fear of childbirth, known as tokophobia, or had a previous traumatic birth experience. Women who have had foetal loss, multiple miscarriages, unsuccessful IVF attempts or stillbirth are particularly at risk. There may also be seemingly non birth-related issues like other kinds of traumatic events, sexual abuse or domestic violence.

It isn’t just the mother…

It is important to realise that other people can be traumatised by the birth experience. The woman’s birthing partner, whether that is their husband, partner, friend or mother, can also experience trauma as a result of what they witnessed. It is easy to forget that the birthing partner is in a tricky position for many different reasons. They see the labouring woman in an unfamiliar situation, potentially in pain, and they feel at a loss to help. If medical intervention is required, they may fear for the life of their loved-one and the baby. There is a lack of control and a feeling of helplessness. This can all contribute to trauma feelings from a different perspective.

Medical professionals can also experience vicarious birth trauma. Being involved in a delivery can be traumatic for midwives and doctors, as well as those training. Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy can be just as effective in these cases.

Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy is for anybody who is experiencing birth-related trauma symptoms. Click the links below to find out more:

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