Where are Hypnobirthing classes?

Serene Mama Hypnobirthing group classes take place upstairs at The Wolds Day Nursery in Stragglethorpe near Nottingham. There is ample car parking, a comfortable atmosphere and easy accessibility from Nottingham, Newark, Grantham and Leicester. Private classes can be arranged by mutual agreement.

What do Hypnobirthing classes cover?

Different providers follow their own programme but, with Serene Mama Hypnobirthing, you are guaranteed a comprehensive antenatal education which covers the anatomy, physiology and psychology of birthing in addition to techniques and strategies to help you through the labour. There is plenty of time to practise the techniques so that your birth partner feels confident with their role in supporting you on this amazing journey.

Session one: Designed for birth

The first session looks at how the woman’s body is built for birth and explores the role of the different hormones necessary for birth. It introduces you to the conditions conducive to a positive birth and what can get in the way. You and your birth partner are introduced to hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis and breathing techniques.

Session two: Tools, techniques and the environment for birth

This session looks further at the environmental conditions for effective labour, and how you can prepare your mind and body for the birth experience. You will discover what to do during and between uterine surges and your birth partner will have the opportunity to practise techniques with you.

Session three: Understanding the relationship between the mind and body, and its effects on birth

During this session, we will look at people’s perceptions and the biology of pain and optimising comfort during labour. By exploring the power of the mind and the impact of language choice, you will learn how to maximise emotional wellbeing, particularly if you have unexpressed or unreleased emotions.

Session four: Changes in the body which support birth

The final session focuses on the woman in her most empowered state. We identify signs that the body is preparing for birth and labour is beginning. We journey into bringing the baby into the world, as well as what happens afterwards. We bring it all together by exploring birth positions and preferences, protecting the environment, and the importance of the role of the birthing partner. During this session, we also take the time to consider what happens when the birth story doesn’t play out as planned. By acknowledging that births sometimes need a helping hand, or that some mums might need to release any fear or past trauma, you know that you are prepared and in control whatever the situation.

All courses include a free course book to take home, as well as an online code to access all music, tracks and scripts for 6 months after the course. Following all courses, Andrea is available for telephone and email advice.

Although sessions are based around these four parts, should you have any further personal needs, these can be incorporated into one to one courses or provided in addition to a group course.

For more information about any Serene Mama services:

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