For most women, the time leading up to giving birth is full of mixed emotions. Excitement, apprehension, and sometimes fear. Many will have tried to prepare themselves for the birth and life afterwards by attending antenatal classes, NCT, Hypnobirthing classes, exercise groups and so on. This usually leads to a positive birth experience with feelings of accomplishment and wonderful memories to take on the journey that is motherhood.

Sadly, for some women, what they experience can leave them affected in ways that are devastating. Whilst most women report a ‘postnatal amnesia’, some say that they never really recover from their experience. These women are left in a world where they are emotionally wounded. This can have a huge impact on their mental and physical health, relationships and the ability to bond with baby. Some women have sought therapy for this well into old age.

Around 6% of women are diagnosed with traumatic stress related to childbirth, but it is estimated that between 20% and 25% of women have undiagnosed symptoms, especially if they don’t fully meet the criteria for PTSD. They may even be misdiagnosed as having postnatal depression. Birth trauma leaves a woman feeling quite different. She may wake in the morning on ‘red alert’, having been disturbed by nightmares. Anxiety levels are usually high and she may experience panic attacks or flashbacks where she feels as though she is experiencing the trauma all over again. With pressure to ‘put on a front’, a women may begin to isolate themselves, and become overly anxious about her safety and that of her baby.

Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy is a way of overcoming these trauma symptoms. Find out more by clicking the links below:

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