At Serene Mama, we are passionate about your birth experience.

From the moment the lines turn blue, you embark on an emotional journey which will change your life forever…


Serene Mama offers hypnobirthing and antenatal relaxation classes designed to help you towards the most natural and comfortable childbirth possible. If you would like to use self-hypnosis techniques to give you a calm and controlled labour, hypnobirthing is for you. With your birthing partner, you can learn how to facilitate a positive birthing experience whether you choose a home birth, birthing centre or hospital.

Already given birth? Hypnobirthing is a wonderful way of approaching subsequent births. No two births are the same. Why not bring your existing knowledge and build on it to have an even more positive birth in the future?

Frightened of giving birth? It’s not surprising. The never-ending media onslaught of ‘dramatic’ births do little to remove these fears. Have you ever found  that some people who have given birth like to regale you with their own tales of labour, telling you how horrendous it was? It doesn’t have to be this way!

Find out for yourself how you can become a SERENE MAMA yourself in our Hypnobirthing section.

Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy

At Serene Mama, we also specialise in working with women and their partners who have not had the birth experience they expected. Birth-related trauma is more common than you might think and can have devastating consequences. Trauma symptoms may present themselves in the weeks following birth, but may not reveal themselves until some time in the future, possibly with subsequent pregnancies. It can be the case that women still feel traumatised many years after the event.

Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy is a quick, safe and effective method of removing the severe emotional tag that exists with trauma. Find out if BTRT could work for you in our Birth Trauma section.


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